waiting is worthy

waiting is worthy


it's almost 2 years i am in this relationship. the relationship between u and me. i know u so well. and u do so. but maybe i am not FULLY know u so well. no doubt. being in long term relationship doesn't mean u really know ALL about your partner. 

what i really pissed off about u are
-stubborn (yg memang tahap crazy pig habis la)
-big massive gigantic ego -.-'
-sulking like a girl
-so annoying when it comes to games (dota, warcraft, etc.. idk else)
-super control and refuse anyone control on u
-can't deal with me when u r with your friends
-your thoughts are always right. never get wrong for u
-always want everyone follow your rules. but u don't want follow anyone's rules
-can't control yourself when high-tempered
-negative thinking
-NEVER punctual
-u want everyone to understands u. but u don't understand everyone.
-last but not least, kalau jalan sama2, slalu tinggal kan gf sorang2 kat belakang. klau saya kene culik kang, padan muke saya. :(

although u r so annoying and always pissed me off, but i know i was the only girl that can stand with all your attitudes. (if there is another girl after me, i believe, she cannot treat u so well like i do)
and i know, whenever u make me mad, at the end u make me smile back

it's not about how long is our relationship. but it is about how patient we face all the hurdles in the relationship. 

i know i also got my own bad attitudes that pissed u off. u also got your own. but we face all of this with the PATIENT. we can stand with each other's attitude with patient. and i believe at the last, we'll change to the positive one and stay together happily ever after. (da takde idea da sebenarnye)

sincerely from your gf,
syadasani :)